21 days straight of wearing makeup? Bring it!

21-day detox, 21-days to get fit, 21 days without this that and the other: 21 Day challenges are nothing new, and most of them seem to be about taking something- or multiple somethings- away. Today I’m excited to take on a challenge that is about giving something BACK: time. Time for ourselves to do something fun that we probably enjoy but tend to think we don’t have time for.

Let me start at the very beginning (which, according to The Sound of Music’s Maria, is a very good place to start). A few months ago I partnered with a safer skincare company called Beautycounter, officially turning myself into a beauty consultant, which is pretty hilarious considering that most days I don’t wear makeup. Oh sure, I wear it for auditions and dates, and I’m most certainly wearing it in almost any photo I allow to be posted online. But most days I’m at home in lip balm, yoga pants and maybe a bra.

Southern pride famously dictates that a woman should never leave home without lipstick; God-forbid you run into an acquaintance at Piggly Wiggly without a manicure, spray tan and Mary Kay’s entire spring line on. But living in a city of millions has liberated me from such thinking. It’s very rare for me to unexpectedly bump into someone I know, and though the cashiers at Trader Joe’s always dutifully ask if I found everything I was looking for, they don’t seem to care one iota whether or not I’m wearing mascara.

However… a few months ago Beautycounter introduced “Flawless in Five,” a bundle of six products advertised to make up my entire face in around five minutes. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Is there anything more fun than getting a box of cosmetics in the mail?  I started playing with my new goodies right away, and I soon realized I didn’t have to do “everything” to look nice and pulled together. There was no need to spend a ton of time agonizing over liquid eyeliner and blending 3 shades of eyeshadow when a few coats of volumizing mascara was impactful and perfectly lovely for every day.

I tend to do things slowly (Rachel Ray’s 30-minute-meals take me at least an hour), but this whole 5-minute face thing really was helping me get ready faster. And now that my makeup was taking me an extra 5-7 minutes a day, instead of 20, I found myself doing it more often. Before, I often thought, “I have so much to do today. Why waste time and bronzer on the UPS man? I mean really, what’s the point? I’m just going to have to take it off again in a few hours anyway.” I had changed my tune to, “It only takes five minutes. Why not?” I ditched the all or nothing attitude and just had fun doing whatever I had time for, and even when it was only a few minutes for the basics, the payoff was noticeable.

I was wearing makeup more often and enjoying many unintended benefits. I felt more pulled together and better about myself. Applying makeup naturally led to putting on nicer outfits (it’s hard to justify staying in sweats when you’re wearing blush), which in turn made me (and I swear that this is true) more productive. Ironically, the time I thought I’d been saving by skipping daily skincare and makeup was actually costing me productivity. Funny huh?

So I started thinking, what other changes might I see if I actually made wearing makeup a daily practice? Greater productivity was certainly tantalizing, but in truth, a few minutes in the morning of doing something I enjoy also sounded pretty nice. I’m a girly girl at heart after all, and I do actually love playing with lip gloss and rocking long lashes. Doing something every day that was just for me (although I knew my husband, Todd, would certainly appreciate it too) sounded splendid. Todd travels a lot and I work mostly from home. That means that there are times when I don’t see a single soul all day long. Was I worth putting on makeup for, even if the only person who would see me all day was…me? Was taking the time to pencil in my brows in the morning the personal care equivalent of making the bed? A little daily habit that could help set the tone for my entire day?

I’m about to find out.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I say it’s a lot easier to create a new habit with a friend. So I’ve teamed up with my dear friend Melissa Schollaert of Real Nutritious Living to create a 21-Days of Beauty Challenge Facebook group where we can hold each other accountable and take on this quest on together. Oh, and did I mention we’re giving away some gorgeous makeup?


Someone is going to win the Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette (which I’m IN LOVE with), just for commenting on posts in our Facebook group. Considering I waste time on Facebook every day for free, the prospect of winning an $88, 18-highly-pigmented-shades palette just for hanging out there is a pretty great proposition.

Throughout the 21-days, not only will we be giving away lots of makeup and other prizes, we’ll be talking through the many splendored benefits of our new habit, sharing makeup and skin care tips and tricks, having girl time and taking care of ourselves as we head into the craziness of the holidays.

Join us here for all the fun!

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