About Me

My name is Virginia and I’m from Georgia.  I got my name, my feisty spirit, and my love for Southern cooking from my grandmother.  I became interested in traditional, a.k.a. “real food” shortly after I moved to the health-food-land that is Los Angeles, and I’ve slowly learned how to integrate the two. I will always believe food should be wholesome and lick-the-beaters good.  My passion for scrumptious and healthy food has led me down a path to a healthier and simpler lifestyle that includes fewer toxic chemicals, safe and clean beauty, less waste and “stuff” in my home, and even an occasional green juice. I guess LA has rubbed off on me.

My lifelong dream is to meet Dolly Parton, and although I have a pretty fantastic one, I promise to never use the word “hubby” on this blog.

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